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Facial Gua Sha

Price : RM78

Facial Gua Sha is a natural treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, scrape the face at specific facial acupoints and meridians with scraping board , to promote Qi and blood circulation, tightens pores, detoxify and beauty.

Principle Introduction:

  1. Facilitate blood circulation and relax muscles through facial scraping,and  decrease puffiness of entire face
  2. Improve facial blood circulation, accelerate cell metabolism, improve facial yellowness and chloasma
  3. After facial scraping , complexion slightly reddened which can achieve detoxification.


  1. No or few side effects, basically reliable and safe.
  2. Suitable for daily facial care
  3. Improve some facial problems such as


Suitable for everyone


  1. Skin diseases caused by bacterial infection or others infection
  2. People who have skin allergy reactions

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